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Yatish Joshi /// State Sponsored Smiles /// S1:E065

February 13, 2020

Today we are with Yatish Joshi.  Yatish is a family man who has traveled the world gaining amazing perspective about life, himself and the importance of going after what you want in life.  Born in India, Yatish came to the States 40+ years ago and lives in Indiana.

Yatish founded GTA Containers in 1988, which makes large scale water containers for the military.   In 2017 he decided to make a run for Congress in Indiana, and while the effort fell short, he gave a valiant effort and it has provided an amazing perspective on people that he shares with us.

We are thrilled to have Yatish as he truly represents what Season 1 is all about.

"If you don't listen to others how can you make change?" - Yatish Joshi


What we talk about:

  • Running for congress as an immigrant
  • The experience of running and reaching out to others across party lines
  • Politics
    • Two party system
    • The constitution
  • Liberal vs. conservative
  • How he was before he met his wife as he would say, "he is not a good person"
  • The power of believing in yourself
  • Impact of his family
  • Growing up in India
  • Solutions to improve the public education system
  • His business and how he got into running a large company





Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes


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