Karyn Kusama /// Race…An American Blind Spot /// E040

March 14, 2019

Karyn Kusama is an American film and television director. She made her feature film debut with the 2000 film Girlfight,[2] which she wrote, directed, and produced,[3]. She went on to direct the 2005 sci-fi action film Æon Flux, based on Peter Chung's animated series of the same name, and the 2009 cult horror comedy Jennifer's Body. She has recently worked as a television director.[4] In 2017 she directed a segment in the film XX, an all-female horror anthology. Her latest film is the 2018 crime thriller Destroyer, starring Nicole Kidman.

Topics we cover:

  • Family and career balance
  • Family tragedy and how it shaped her life, her career trajectory and focus on what she needed to do
  • The American Blind Spot on Race
  • Her experience growing up as the "Japanese Family" and what a school transition did to her perspective
  • Dynamics of power struggle in groups fighting power
    • How defining demographics keeps the in group divides
  • How words are not necessarily a reflection of our thoughts but our upbringing
  • How we have empathy toward people with whom we disagree

Mel Jones /// Make Better Choices /// E039

March 1, 2019

Mel Jones is a multi-talented producer and director. A Howard University graduate, she earned her MFA at the American Film Institute in Producing. Jones worked in development at Participant Media under producer Jonathan King and marketing guru Ricky Strauss. A Project Involve Fellow, Jones assisted veteran producer and LA Film Festival director, Stephanie Allain – a gig which turned into a five-year stint as producer of Diversity Speaks, one of the festival’s signature programs. She served as Associate Producer on Justin Simien’s Sundance hit, Dear White People, as a Producer on Wade and Jesse Allain-Marcus’ French Dirty, Gerard McMurray’s Burning Sands and Clark Johnson’s Juanita a Netflix Original. She made her directorial debut with Leimert Park, an indie episodic that premiered at Sundance 2018. She is President of Production for Homegrown Pictures.

Jantzen C-S /// Prosperity is For Everybody /// E038

February 14, 2019

This week get to share a conversation with our guy Jantzen, here’s a bit about him - in his own words:

 I was born born and "half-raised" in Montreal, later moving to the Toronto suburbs as a young teenager.  Was fortunate to have lived in two of the most diverse cities in Canada and in North America having learned from a lot of other cultures.

 My open mindedness and dynamic perspective in life stems from my own anecdotes and also vicariously through the lives of others from around the world. I found myself "tight-rope-walking" the line separating the sides that would have landed me in jail or worse, and the side of prosperity which I continue to live and develop today.

 It's through all of my experiences up until this point that have made me realize many things.  One of which is that the messages which we as a Black community/people have been washing our minds with have a false origin which is  perpetuated through various systemic mediums to keep us boxed in, unaware and blind.  It's by only knowing and loving oneself, as well as our true history, can we work towards a better future for our people and the broader society in which we live as a whole.  (this statement can be applied to anyone in this matter.)

 I've also realized that as loving oneself and having self-pride is important, particularly in the context of race, it's not everything, as there is way more to gain with the love of all people, in the broader scheme that is more important for humanity as a whole.

 It's with all this, a small glimpse of my perspective, that I've founded the WiseMen Collective, to be a person of action, to bring positivity, awareness, education, support and love to our Black people, to have my brothers, sisters and other future members be a part of this journey with me, while making a positive impact within the communities we serve.  

 My aim is for us to have control of our own narrative as a people, through displays of actions that will motivate people to do the same.  

 As we grow, our outreach we will continue to impact the marginalized members of our society including the youth, people with disabilities, the impoverished and others where we can make a difference, through our various  outreach programs.

Kim Anenberg Cavallo /// Stay Curious, Be Present, and Don’t Take it Personal /// E037

January 31, 2019

 Kim Anenberg Cavallo is the founder and CEO of Lilspace, a company that enhances relationships in the digital age. Lilspace elevates real-life events through wellness lounges, a time-tracking app and the social impact incentive Unplug for a Cause™.  

 Growing up with a Mom who was a therapist, Kim experienced the incredible power of relationships and became concerned when technology was clearly interfering with our human to human connections. Her dedication to protecting relationships is Kim’s way to honor her mother, Jane, who died in 2012.  

 After graduating from UCLA in 1988, Kim discovered the mindy/body connection when she began practicing Iyengar Yoga. As technology has expanded its grip on all of our minds, it became painfully obvious to Kim that, specifically, mobile devices were disrupting our relationships. In 2016, between anxious impulses to check her phone, Kim jumped up to protect real-time relationships from the mesmerizing draw of digital devices. It was then that the idea for Lilspace was born.

 With her 25 years experience raising money for NFPs, event planning, community building,  Kim is now focused on what motivates us to put away our phones and practice being present more often.


Kim "Don't Take It Personal"


Topics we cover:

  • Relationship with Technology
  • Her mother being a therapist and what that was growing up
  • Learning to Connect from Mom and Importance of connection to her
  • Managing and understanding emotional responses particularly in relationships
  • Impact of Yoga in her life
  • Starting Lil'Space
  • The unique nature of Lil'Space and how it revolves around Community
  • Next Gen Lil'Space
  • Addiction to Devices and the design of it




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Brittany H. /// Anxiety Will Not Kill You /// E036

January 17, 2019

 Brittany is a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher.  She has managed through PTSD and Depression as she now tries to raise awareness to Mental Health and promote the impact of health and fitness on mental healing. 

 Join us in this episode as Brittany does an amazing job sharing her story.  Her trauma comes from a hard story to hear and I'm sure harder to tell.  She has managed through with such determination it is inspiring.  How she has come through is a great example of our resilience as people.  We can all learn a lot form Brittany.

Jamil Smith /// Listen To Your Own Breath /// E035

January 3, 2019

Jamil Smith is a visionary by birth. By training, he is an acupuncturist, herbalist, photographer, writer and entrepreneur.  His life’s work is dedicated to creating viable solutions to social, political and economic challenges facing our societies today.  His path in life has led him from the conference tables of Wall Street through the veins of New York City and beyond.  He has chosen to search for meaning within every experience and show the world its own reflection.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Jamil learned early on to embrace the lessons found in solitude.  He learned that before he could understand his surroundings, he first needed to find his own identity.  During his adolescent years, he found comfort in solitude. The loss of life and friendships opened the doors to universal companionship, allowing him to truly capture the moments spent with family, friends and strangers, alike.

When words could not capture the meaning of the moment, it has been his distinct awareness that has enabled him to speak loudly with his expressions of art. As a photographer of 10 years, he brings his burgeoning style and form to lifestyle, documentary, photojournalism and fashion projects.

In 2015, he began his journey towards deeper inner cultivation enrolling in New York’s premier Asian Medical Master’s program. Since attending Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, he has deepened his self-awareness as well as his knowledge of acupuncture, herbal medicine and eastern and western medicine. His work has evolved to preserve traditional healing wisdom across cultures while inspiring new ways of reminding people of our true magic within. Collectively, he seeks to build a foundation necessary for a renewed, sustainable world of true equity among all of its inhabitants.

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January 2, 2019

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Sophie Beren /// Just Say Hello /// E034

December 20, 2018

Sophie Beren is the Founder and Executive Director of TableTalk Global. TableTalk Global envisions a world in which college and high school students and community members alike can naturally create an inclusive, vibrant campus community, through increased connection and conversation, outside of the classroom. Sophie believes that the TableTalk curriculum can transform the education space by increasing face-to-face conversations and leadership opportunities that allow every student to feel valued, heard, and understood.


In this conversation we explore Sophie's background as a Jewish student in a predominately Christian community and how that developed her framework of connecting with others.  She gives some amazing conversation tips and insights into how electronic communication is breaking down our abilities to connect with each other.


“Practice what we want the world to look like”

Sophie Beren


Topics we cover:

  • Growing up an Outsider

  • Conversation Tips

  • Ice Breakers

  • Using "I" Statements


Mike Carlito /// Undercover Mexican /// E033

December 6, 2018


Today we are joined by Mike Carlito. Mike is a self-described Undercover Mexican. Born of Cuban and Mexican descent yet white presenting, he has had an interesting experience growing up.

Mike is a local musician in Los Angeles and a man who studies philosophy in his own time.  He is insightful and brings a unique perspective to current events based on his life experience.

"See what's the bigger picture" ~Mike C.

Topics we cover:

  • Simi Valley and Ventura County
  • MLK's push for economic mobility
  • Oxnard
  • The Barrio
  • Definition of Snowflake
  • Niche - Resentment (with extra letter)
  • John Rohls





Editor: Anthony Michetti


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Jeff /// Politics and Life /// E032

November 16, 2018

In Episode 32 we bring in Jeff .  We have known Jeff a long time.  Jeff grew up in Alabama and spent a lot of his early adult life traveling and gaining new experiences.  He now works as a supplier for the DoD and has developed a passion for politics.