More In Common Podcast

Tina McGuff /// Anorexia is a Shit Disease /// E043

May 9, 2019

Tina McGuff is the critically acclaimed author of "Seconds to Snap", it is a memoir of the journey she went through as a teenager and early twenties with anorexia, complex mental illness to full recovery and a very healthy happy life.

 In her own words///

"I have been in great physical and mental health now for many years and feel I’m in a confident position to be of huge value and show happiness, recovery, self-awareness and emotional intelligence is completely possible.

 My years of lived in experience as well as working alongside psychologists, eating disorder, mental health charities and supporting families through the hell of these very complex illnesses has given me a huge amount of insight and practical information I bring to the people I'm engaging with. 

 A regular guest and contributor on National TV, Radio and Newspapers. therefore, starting those important conversations with people across the world in schools, universities, private hospitals and workplaces.


Topics we cover///

  • Stigma around Mental Illness and her mission to break it down

  • The difference between mental Illness and mental Health

  • Growing up in Scotland and South Africa

  • Her parent's situation that lead to her living in poverty and how hard it was growing up

  • Her life surviving anorexia for many years as a teenage and how it manifested for her

  • How Psychosis manifested in her during this struggle and how she nearly committed suicide multiple times

  • Becoming a pilot as a positive focus after getting healthy

  • How the perfectionism of Anorexia led to how she parented, lived and managed everything for the longest time