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Thomas C. Knox /// Confidence, Courage, and Communication /// E044

May 23, 2019

Thomas Knox is a native New Yorker.  He comes from a unique family and spent time in the foster system.  He's a fascinating young man that knows who he is and where he's going.  He created Date While You Wait and Be Great Bow Ties.

 Date While You Wait is literally Thomas sat down with a table and two folding chairs, and a sign that said "Date While You Wait". Specifically, while New Yorker’s were waiting for the subway in Manhattan.

Be Great Bowties  goal is to embody greatness, inspire, connect and empower those around us to harness their inner potential by allowing them to express the best aspects of themselves in a unique, seamless and stylish manner.

Topics we cover///

  • Date while you wait, history and what it is

    • His experience with it as a black man

    • The journey of the business and future ideas

  • What led to his desire to start something like Date While You Wait

  • The family dynamics he grew up in

    • Growing up in the foster care system

    • His dad being a black militant

    • His mom struggling with drugs

  • The dynamics of his dad and how impactful he has been on Thomas

  • How he thinks that leads him to do the things he does especially as a Black man






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