More In Common Podcast

Tara Bixby /// Bending Bars /// Season2:E075

April 30, 2020

Today, we are with Tara Bixby.  Tara is a licensed Counselor who works in a Minimum security Male prison out in Idaho.  However, that is just her day job as she is on a mission to empower women to live their best life. She normalize life struggles through stories, provides tools for personal growth, and to help shine light on mental health.

You can follow Tara on Instagram @courageously.u!! 


"…I just try not to work with who they were then…I try to work with who they are now." - Tara Bixby


Topics we discuss:

  • Working in male prisons
    • Managing mental illness
    • The system
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Her journey to get into counseling
  • Brilliant business decision for mental health
  • Starting courageously.u
    • Why she focuses on helping women
    • What it was to start
    • Being Vulnerable
    • Vision for the future 
  • Male and female experiences with mental health
  • Wholistic approach to medication
  • How she takes care of herself
  • The bootstrap argument



Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes



Main Theme: "Eaze Does It" by Shye Eaze and DJ Rufbeats, a More In Common Podcast Exclusive.

Guest theme:  "Solemn Keys" by DJ Rufbeats created as a More In Common Podcast Exclusive.