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Sutto Twins /// Double Down /// S2:E071

April 2, 2020

Today we are with the Sutto twins, Jen and Steph Sutto. 

Jen and Steph grew up in a small town in California and one day, it hit them that they could do anything!  So, they left their small town and started taking over their world.  They made their name as the Glitter Twins who made a Glitter Gel marketed to the electric dance scene.  They have an amazing story and connection we each other that we are thrilled to explore with them.

Now they are influencers on Tik Tok.  Both having their own channels with their own focuses which we highly recommend you checking them out. 

They are social media savants who also consult with entrepreneurs on social media strategies.  You have to check out their new Tik Tok video series called Tik Talks about how to use the platform. Especially if you are trying to figure it out like we are.   

In other words, they stay busy and keep knocking down doors to pursue their dreams.

How to Find them:

  • Tik Tok:
    • @jennifersutto
    • @stephaniesutto
  • You Tube
    • Tik Talks
  • Instagram
    • @stephsutto
    • @jennifersutto


"Disappointing people is actually a great feeling because now they don't have super high expectations for you and now YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO ACTUALLY DO WHAT YOU WANT" - Steph Sutto


Topics we discuss:

  • Their epiphany they could do anything
    • Hitting Rock Bottom
    • Just quitting their Jobs
  • Their Twin Connection
    • Their separate journeys
      • Steph Dropping out of college
      • Jen graduating
    • How they balance each other
  • Impact of other's thoughts
  • Hitting Rock bottom
    • Really comes out at the end
  • How Glitter Twins started
  • Parental Support
  • Building a Video platform
    • Personal experience
    • The growth
  • Communicating with each other
  • Their evolution to Tik Tok
    • What their videos are
  • Steph Coming Out



Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes


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