More In Common Podcast

Sophie Beren /// Just Say hello /// E033

December 20, 2018

Sophie Beren is the Founder and Executive Director of TableTalk Global. TableTalk Global envisions a world in which college and high school students and community members alike can naturally create an inclusive, vibrant campus community, through increased connection and conversation, outside of the classroom. Sophie believes that the TableTalk curriculum can transform the education space by increasing face-to-face conversations and leadership opportunities that allow every student to feel valued, heard, and understood.


In this conversation we explore Sophie's background as a Jewish student in a predominately Christian community and how that developed her framework of connecting with others.  She gives some amazing conversation tips and insights into how electronic communication is breaking down our abilities to connect with each other.


“Practice what we want the world to look like”

Sophie Beren


Topics we cover:

  • Growing up an Outsider

  • Conversation Tips

  • Ice Breakers

  • Using "I" Statements