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Rob Reynolds /// From Scratch /// Season2:E076

May 7, 2020

Rob is an acclaimed artist with works in museums around the world.  He is a sculptor, Painter, mixed media and installation artist.  He has had acclaimed works at Bert Green Fine Art, Pergamon Museum in Berlin, CEBIKO World Ceramic Biennale in South Korea, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and many more.

He was born in Newton, MA and currently has his studio and residence in Los Angeles, CA.  He has a great perspective on many things and provides insights and perspectives that make for fun and insightful conversation.

They had this conversation back in August 2019 and are thrilled to finally be getting into your ears.  In this conversation they talk about a lot of things.


"If you want to make the world a better place, Dig In." - Rob Reynolds


Topics we discuss:

  • His Studio
  • What Being an Artist is
  • The Impact of the election on his work
  • His start as an artist
  • Parent's Influence
  • Growing up west of Boston in 70s
    • Classism
    • Racism
    • Homophobia
  • The Liberal Fantasy
  • Assumptions he had about our better nature
    • Segregation
    • Prejudice
  • The impact he tries to have with his art
    • His focus on Climate change
  • Community
  • Managing Optimism
  • Guilt not doing enough
    • What we all do to try
  • We talk about a lot in a short about of time



Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes



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