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Phil Terrill /// I can still be great /// E052

September 12, 2019

Today we are with Phil Terrill.  Phil grew up in the city of Minneapolis, MN.  His upbringing was all about the pursuit of academic or athletic excellence.


While he hit some of those targets, his life took a different direction after college at Tuskegee, starting in Corporate America, Entrepreneurship, and on a journey to discover himself. Along the way, he did not realize that God had a very unique plan for his existence that would truly begin at an unexpected time after a life altering decision.


He wrote a book, Collision Course, about this unexpected turn as he drives full speed into the journey of how he turned his life's most challenging time into a massive, powerful breakthrough.



"Stay L.I.T. (Living In Triumph) and pour into your purpose"  Phil Terrill


Topics we cover///

  • The importance of God and Prayer in his life and how his dad was part of the Nation of Islam and his mom wasn't as religious but his grandparents were Baptist. 

    • Sister converted to Islam in College
  • His relationship with his dad and how his dad is the ultimate community man and that influence on him growing up and today
  • His pull between being a corporate employee and desire to be an entrepreneur
  • The impact of divorce on him and how it really impacted his relationship with his Sister
    • How this all led him to consider suicide in 9th grade and how his sister saved him
  • The accident that is the cornerstone to his book, collision Course, and how he blamed a lot of people early in recovery
    • How the family dynamic was drastically affected by his choice to drive
  • What it was like for him in the holding cell and the impact some conversations had on him







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