More In Common Podcast

Nicole Davis /// Go for It /// S1:E062

January 23, 2020

This conversation is with former Olympian Nicole Davis speaks on the importance of believing in yourself in times of stress and uncertainty. She pushes her audience to embrace uncomfortable moments as a catalyst to improve themselves in any facet of life. Davis is a retired two-time Olympian and two-time silver medalist. She spent 11 years on the USA National Volleyball Team and played professionally in eight different countries in Europe & Asia. She also helped lead her team in back-to-back NCAA Championships at USC in 2002 & 2003. Davis currently works as a coach and expert on high performance and cultural development at Compete to Create, a company co-founded by Pete Carroll and Dr. Mike Gervais. Her vision is to help accelerate the learning of others through her experiences in pursuing her best in her craft and on the world's stage. She is passionate about impacting others and has seen what people are capable of. There is now more science and language around the processes that allow people to really get after it in life and pursue their potential.


"…Everything we have is already within us, and if we can anchor more to the idea that when things don't go as planned that I can adjust, and do work to have great skill at adjusting rather than the incessant need to prepare and to be perfect we will probably perform better, feel more alignment and feel a lot more joy in the experience…."  - Nicole Davis


What we talk about:

  • Finding yourself
  • Self-Talk
  • Being an Olympian
  • Getting uncomfortable and inviting stress for excellence
  • How she found Volleyball
  • The influence of her parents
  • Taking risks and the limits we all have
  • Definition of Success
  • Challenging yourself
  • Accepting where you are and who you are
  • The impact of living with an abusive father
  • Processing Trauma
  • And So much more




Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes 


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