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Nick Jones Jr. /// The Marines to Hollywood /// E046

June 20, 2019

Nick is a multi-hyphenated African-American military veteran. He writes both dramatic character-driven sci-fi/action and is also a fantastic comedy writer who staffed on the final season of Hulu’s CASUAL. Nick was accepted into the highly esteemed Sundance Episodic Lab for his pilot, JONESIN. Nick wrote and directed the award winning short film, COLD CHOICES, starring Neil Brown Jr. After which he was the military advisor for Shia LaBeouf and Gary Oldman in the psychological thriller, MAN DOWN. Nick recently signed a feature deal with Paramount. He was later served as showrunner for the upcoming Japanese-anime Netflix series, YASUKE, based on the first black samurai, starring Lakeith Stanfield. Nick moved to Los Angeles after his final tour in the Marine Corps, during which he served our country for over a decade with honors.  


‘‘I never expected to be here. I always knew this journey was improbable. I’ve never been on a journey that wasn’t.” Barack Obama


Topics we cover///

  • As a black Marine, we discuss his opinion on Colin Kaepernick and what it means to fight for freedom
  • His family history in the military and what drew him to the Marines
    • Some of his experience in the marines and how he approached it
  • Growing up in Alabama
  • When you know it's profiling even if it disguised as otherwise
  • Transitioning from the active duty to a career and how supportive people were
    • How he stayed plugged in.
  • The personal impact Obama had on him and the couple weeks he spent with him
  • His experience as a writer in Hollywood and his process to write stories
  • His project for Netflix, Yasuke



  • Nick Jones Jr.
  • Bill Duke
  • Museum in Montgomery and lynching exhibit
  • Definition of Swole
  • Obama's Show on Netflix
  • Flying Lotus
  • 3 Below
  • Phil Hay Episode







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