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Kimberly Fe’Lix /// Professional Mother “Shame” /// E042

April 25, 2019

 Kimberly Fe’Lix, called Fe’Lix by her friends, is a wellness advocate with a passion for education and accessibility. Before creating her blog, Fe'Lix, Inside & Out, Fe'Lix worked within the health + wellness space both in traditional health care settings and within the non-profit board room setting. With a passion for advocacy, Fe'Lix has experience with both grassroots organizing and as a macro-scale strategist. 

 After stepping back from her career to focus on her family, Fe'Lix started her blog; which is a one-stop-shop for all things wellness, Both Inside & Out;  as a way to create a space where she could help people navigate the journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Whether talking about the science behind ingredients, clean beauty, or nutrition and supplements, one thing that remains at the center is motherhood. Fe'Lix, speaks regularly on self-care,  diversity, the importance of representation, and the delicate nature of raising mixed race, multi-cultural children in today's world.

Kimberly Fe'Lix "Moms, I'm giving you permission to take care of yourself first and then take care of your children.  For non-moms if you're any type of care taker of other human beings whether they belong to you or not, you gotta take care of yourself.  Fill your cup with healthy nutritious things."

Topics we cover///

  • Lack of Diverse representation in Health and Wellness
  • Accessibility of Wellness
  • International food comparison
  • Her growing up with a highly accomplished Mom
  • Preventative Health
  • Being a Military kid and having a very successful Mother in the military
  • Her identity struggle as a very successful professional and now being a stay at home Mom ultimately balancing the emotional struggle in this decision
  • Male/Female cultural expectations
  • Her experience growing interracial and how unaware she was
  • How her boys are mixed race but white presenting and what that means







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