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Kathryn Hahn /// H.A.H.N. Y.O.L.O. /// S2:E070

March 26, 2020

Today we are with the amazing Kathryn Hahn.  Kathryn was born in Cleveland and started acting at an early age in the television show Hickory Hideout.  She graduated from Northwestern and got her Masters in Fine Arts from Yale. 

If you don't know her from her role on Crossing Jordan she has played recognizable and leading roles in Anchorman, Step Brothers, Parks and Recreation, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, We're the Millers, Afternoon Delight, the Bad Moms movies and more recently she has starred in the Amazon Original, "I Love Dick" and the outstanding HBO show "Mrs. Fletcher". 

She is coming out with a lot of new work.  On April 27, 202 she has a new HBO Limited Series "I Know This Much Is True"…In Summer of 2020 she has another Series on Apple TV coming called "Central Park"… and in December 2020 she will be joining the Marvel Universe with a new Disney Series called "WandaVision".

Kathryn is also a dedicated mom to her daughter and son and is married to our 2020 Season 1 guest Ethan Sandler. 


"It was easier for me to tell the truth when I was acting than it was in real life." - Kathryn Hahn


Topics we discuss:

  • Being a recovering Catholic

    • Being born into religion
    • Her struggle embracing the religion
    • Her attachment to it
    • Passing Judgement
    • What it means for her kids
  • Her childhood
    • Telling the truth being and actor
    • Safety of the theatre
  • Pursuing Acting
    • Taking out dept at Yale
    • Just knowing it
    • Her awareness
    • Following the path and journey
  • Payphones and Newspapers
  • Parenting expectations
    • The pressure of how to give birth
    • Accepting the process as it is
  • Deciding to have kids during Career



Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes 


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