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Graham Bodie /// Ears Open, Sound Off /// Season2:E077

May 14, 2020

How do you listen? Did you know there are at least 43 different ways people listen? The ways we listen affect how we ask questions, how we connect, how we solve problems, and impact everything we do daily.

Graham has dedicated his life understanding and teaching how we all listen. 

Listen in and you will learn about the patterns of listening and, perhaps, identify some of your own.



Today we are with Graham Bodie.  Graham got his Ph.D at our Alma Mater, Purdue University…Boiler up!  He study Interpersonal and Health Communications.  He is now a professor at the University of Mississippi and has contributed to many research publications and recently provided edits to The Sourcebook of Listening Research: Methodology and Measures

He currently has a large-scale research study on how people listen to others who are experiencing some sort of personal problem.  Listening is a primary focus of Graham's life work and he is a contributor to The Listen First project. 


"Relationships come first and Relationships do matter" - Graham


Topics we discuss:

  • Teaching people to Listen
    • Asking questions
    • Definition of Listening
    • ABCs of Listening
    • Different patterns of Listening
    • Listening Profiles
  • How he got into studying Listening
    • His Mentor
    • Listen First Coalition
  • Political Correctness
    • What it means
    • Defensiveness
    • Tribe
    • How to be informed
  • Growing up privileged
    • What Privilege is





Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes



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