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Gina Choi /// Know Yourself /// E057

November 21, 2019

Today we are with Gina Choi.  Gina was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but considers Los Angeles her home. She attended Pepperdine University and is currently an Advertising Account Manager at Microsoft. Her favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald. He is the author that fanned the flame for her love of reading after she finished school.


In 2018, she spoke at a TEDx conference on the topic of being open to new passions in life. When she isn't sitting at a desk, she spends her time taking photos, in some new workout routine, studying (enjoying) wine, and planning international travel in Excel spreadsheets.



What we talk about:

  • Reminding herself to live a childhood life
  • How she feels connected as an Over Achiever
  • How she managed through Anxiety and having Panic attacks
  • Moving around a lot growing up
  • Being a Korean American and what it means to her
  • Her core values and how she has developed them over time
  • Her Tedx and what passion is to her
  • The balance of having a job vs. pursuing entrepreneurship rooted in passion







Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes



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