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George Dover /// Unconditional Acceptance /// E053

September 26, 2019

Today we are with George Dover.  George comes to us as he is the father of one of our early guests, Brescia Dover.  If you remember Brescia, she was our first conversation about Mental Health/Illness and George has a significant role in Brescia's journey.

He grew up Mormon, but has left the church and now claims himself as an Atheist.  All of this is relevant to the conversation. 

He is a skeptic at heart with a very open mind.  He values family above all else and has incredible perspectives on what it means to have unconditional acceptance. 


‘‘If you don't really believe the person is sick then it is really difficult to act appropriately” George Dover (about mental illness)


Topics we cover///

  • Being a dad of a daughter managing through mental health issues

    • What the evolution of her Anorexia looked like from his perspective.
    • Managing the relationship with Brescia's siblings
    • How they managed it without having exposure to it
    • What it was like when she ate for the first time
  • The use of the word Crazy
  • Growing up in the Mormon church and ultimately leaving the church
    • How it was with his family when he left the church
  • Being Skeptical but being open to listen which he uses to encourage conversation
  • His acceptance of others beliefs even though he wholeheartedly disagrees with them
    • Specifically how he accepts his Son's choice to go into the church
  • Unconditional Acceptance and how ultimate truths impact the ability to have unconditionality





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