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Ethan Sandler /// What is Ambition and Success? /// S1:E061

January 16, 2020

Today we are with Ethan Sandler.  Ethan is an Actor, Producer, and writer in Hollywood.  He has co-produced and written episodes of popular T.V. shows such as Man with a Plan and New Girl and has acted in, most notably, the TV series Crossing Jordan, The Princes Diaries and The Bourne Identity.  He is currently focused on his work researching monsters for his own idea and helping consult on Disney +'s new Monster's Inc. TV Series.

But, more importantly, he is a husband of 17 years and father of two.  We are excited to have him today!


"I'm unfortunately a little wobbly on what exactly my definition of success is.  I don't think I'm, honestly, pursuing success."  - Ethan Sandler


What we talk about:

  • Definition of Success
  • Pursuit of Success
  • Ambition
  • Growing up in Seattle
  • Importance of Family and having support for wife's ambitions
  • Having a Victim Complex
  • The things we remember that affect us
  • His current focus and work
  • Words we use
  • Being a Dad
    • Masculinity




Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes


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