More In Common Podcast

Brenda Nova /// Modern Soul /// S2:E073

April 16, 2020

Brenda grew up a stout Jehovah's witness and through her experiences had to navigate depression through adolescence that led to attempts of suicide.  

As a result, she has developed a passion for helping others find themselves.  As a musician, she looks to channel that through her music.  She writes her own music that aims to send a message about healing from issues with self-esteem, self-image and emotional trauma. 

This is a soulful conversation that just makes us feel good.  Hopefully it makes you feel good too.


"No one person's story is worse or better than another's…it's up to you to let it defeat you or catapults you to continue to do better." - Brenda Nova


Topics we discuss:

  • What a fluoride stare is
  • Her value in helping others find themselves
    • Self-awareness
    • Authenticity
  • Failing her way to success
    • The analysis of failure
  • Her challenge of self-discovery
  • Questioning institutions
  • Her journey as a Jehovah's witness
    • Growing Up
    • Family Relationship dynamics
    • Struggling with Depression
    • Attempting Suicide
    • Getting out
    • The long term positive impact
  • Learning from others
    • Listening to elders



Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes



Main Theme: "Eaze Does It" by Shye Eaze and DJ Rufbeats, a More In Common Podcast Exclusive.

Guest theme:  "Shadows' Silhouette" by DJ Rufbeats created as a More In Common Podcast Exclusive.