More In Common Podcast

Bonus Episode /// Let’s Rif On It /// S1:E069

March 12, 2020

This is our first gap between seasons.  As prepare for season 2, which we have dubbed "Discovery", we want to be sure to keep the rhythm of the podcast going. 


So, this week is Rodney and Keith riffing on some topics.  Sharing our perspectives and thoughts on a variety of topics presented to us by our main man and producer, Ruf. 


In two weeks we will be kicking off our second season and are excited for the lineup of guests we have coming your way.  It's going to be another amazing season.


"Trust is built with consistency." - Lincoln Chaffee



Topics we discuss:


  • Hockey
  • Kobe Bryant's Death
  • Corona Virus
  • Keith's old Phone
  • Adjusting to a Cold Shoulder
  • Cooking vs. Dining out





Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes



Main Theme: "Eaze Does It" by Shye Eaze and DJ Rufbeats, a More In Common Podcast Exclusive.