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Nabie Fofanah /// Dr. Smooth /// S1:E063

January 30, 2020

Today we are with Nabie Fofanah…or The Speed Doctor.  Nabie is insightful, thought provoking and filled with opportunities for amazing conversation!  Nabie was born in Sierra-Leone and moved to Guinea at the age of 5. He spent his formative years in New York which led him to finding track at the age of 18.  Within a year of running track for the first time, and having one of the slowest times on the team in the 100 meter, he decided he was going to be an Olympian. 

Well, his mentality and mindset made that possible.  He ran for Guinea in the 2004 Olympics and then again in 2008.  By 2013 he becomes known as the #1 speed and muscle toning trainer in the New York area.  He has since trained with elite professional Athletes…Chris Paul, Todd Gurley, Patty Mills, Von Miller, Victor Oladipo and Antonio Brown.

His resume is impressive but his character is more impressive.  This conversation goes everywhere and it is a lot of fun.


"So the only way to beat that negativity…that's overtaking this person's whole aura is by showing them love… "  - Nabie Fofanah


What we talk about:

  • Listening First as it relates to his cultural experience
  • How his background has forced him to communicate
  • Communicating with love and understanding
  • His perspective on the U.S. and the rest of the world
  • How he grew up around the world and
  • What it was like growing up away from parents
    • Being sent to boarding school when he was 10
  • Perspective on maturing and developing youth in U.S.
  • Ego and the higher voice he listens to
  • Running and being an Olympian
  • Starting his own business




Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes


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